Grand Hotel Sofianu is the only hotel - museum of art in Romania

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Grand Hotel Sofianu is the place where you can enjoy nature due to its great location in the largest park in Ramnicu Valcea (Zăvoi Park), but also art, hosting the works of the most representative 500 Romanian plastic artists. Among them we can mention: Bârsanu Silviu, Beloescu Călin, Cosor Viorel, Covătaru Dan, Dican Gheorghe, Gaghel Maria, Oprişan Letiţia, Popescu Margareta, Popescu Paul, Sălişteanu Ion, Şerban Dumitru, Stancu Daniel, Tălmuş Ştefan, Tomaselli Angela, Voinea Ilarion, Voinea Marcel and so on.

Artworks are exhibited inside the hotel, in the reception, on each and every floor, in each individual room and outdoors, with monumental art sculpted in the marble. Our guests often say that they lose the notion of time when they admire the exposed works.

"The uniqueness of the hotel, the fact that it is a museum hotel, especially interesting. In the room there is an art album with works exhibited throughout the hotel. The kindness of the staff was absolute, the hotel owner himself showed us a tour of the most representative artworks."

Anca, Bucharest

The hotel is situated very close to the famous balneoclimateric resorts - Călimăneşti, Băile Olăneşti and Govora and 7 km from the Ocnele Mari Saltwork. Within a radius of 45 km from the hotel there are also famous monasteries and hermitages such as: Cozia Monastery (23 km), Frăsinei Monastery (24 km), Dintr-un Lemn Monastery (27 km), Surpatele Monastery (31 km) Bistrita Monastery (45 km), Arnota Monastery (50 km), Hurezi Monastery (45 km), as well as the renowned Drăgăşani vineyards.

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